Seminar on compliance set for October 11

All businesses rely on the of employees, partners, and clients, among others, for their day-to-day operations. When these are compromised, not only is there a breach of the , but there is also the risk of losing the goodwill of the people involved. Consequently, their confidence in your business is also compromised. [...]

Obeying rules seen giving PHL firms competitive edge

IN the information age, compliance to and regulations are considered by organizations as a competitive advantage in their business operations. This was confirmed by contact-center managers and experts at the recent Asia conference organized by the (). [...]

Facebook Goes After “Pastor Hokage” Groups

Facebook recently took action against sexually-exploitative Facebook social media group accounts in the Philippines. Popularly known as “Pastor Hokage”, these accounts spread images and personal details of women without their consent.

In a statement, Facebook said that it aims to provide users a safe space where nudity and sexual exploitation are not allowed. The offending groups have been taken down for violating Facebook’s terms of use.

JJ Disini, Managing Partner at the law firm, says that by posting the ’s personal details without consent, those involved are possibly in breach of the . Raymund Liboro, Commissioner of the , agrees.

“Catcalled In The Philippines” Facebook page admin Koko Rodriguez confirms that he has already gotten in touch with some of the victims of the rogue accounts.

Watch the whole interview below.

The challenges under the new regime

According to Rose Marie M. King-Dominguez, Partner at SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan, as a result of the average citizen in the Philippines reportedly spending about an hour and a half more on the internet than the average user on a global basis, its OOTD-sharing population has helped it earn the unofficial title of social media capital of the world. in the Philippines appears to be on a digital tap: free flowing and plentiful. Rose Marie examines the impact of the Philippines' new framework in such a world and the challenges it poses for the jurisdiction and for those operating within it. [...]

IN THE KNOW: Rights of a ‘

Under , or the , individuals whose is collected, stored and processed are called “data subjects.”

They are accorded rights and may invoke the law against abuses committed by the receiver of data, also called “ controller.” [...]

The five commandments of , according to

In an age of information overload especially in the digital media, how can government agencies, private companies and even ordinary individuals protect and ?

The (), which implements the , said simple and practical measures, coupled with adherence to the law, should be undertaken to avoid . commissioner Ramon Liboro said the is a “21st century law addressing 21st century realities of crime in the digital age.” [...]